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Over 20 years providing quality services in the Coquimbo Region. Entrepreneurship and female leadership from the Elqui Valley heart.

Commemoration of the 20 years.
Pulpit Rock
Pulpit Rock
Pulpit Rock
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Total Solar Eclipse

July 2, 2019 Coquimbo Region


Price $ 80 USD per person

On the July, the 2nd of 2019 will occur a full Solar Eclipse. The world best view point will be our Elqui Valley. To help you to have the best watching experience we are offering the Solar Eclipse observation tour. To enjoy this phenomena we are going to have an observation spot in the El Sauce hill to watch the eclipse, from the Heart of the Elqui Valley. Also, there will be having a traditional snack.

The tour includes

*In-out transportation from your accomodation.

*Trasportation to the Elqui Valley, with a professional driver.

*Observation spot in El Sauce hill, San Isidro.

*Traditional snack: cocktail, 2 meat brochettes, rescoldo tortilla (traditional kind of bread) with goat cheese and a glass of wine or natural orange juice.

*English speaking guide.

Turismo Cochiguaz has a policy and / or measures to prevent the exploitation of human beings, in any of its forms, especially when children and adolescents may be affected. For the above, we adhere to the campaigns initiated by UNICEF, SENAME, among other organizations.

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Shore Excursions


Turismo Cochiguaz


Flower Flower Flower Flower


*Shore excursions for cruises.

*Transfer Cruise passengers from the La Serena airport to the Coquimbo Port.

*Regional Programs.

*Transfer Vip.

*Private transportation.

*Transportation to Observatories.

*Senior adult Congress.

*Senior Holidays Program (Sernatur).

*Hotel booking.

*Coffe expresso.

*Study tours.

*Interpreting services and tourist guides (English, French and german).

*Rental of vehicles.

*Congresses and events.

Pulpit Rock

About The Coquimbo Region

Wiews, tradition, pisco capital and the clearest sky in Chile

Its knwon by the transversal valleys, that cross the country from The Andes to the sea, such as the Elqui and Limari. Both of them are full of towns, traditions, beautiful views and secret to discover. Also, its the Pisco land, there are several wineyards and distilleries to visit and try. At night, Vicua city becomes the world capital of astronomy. In the coast, there are the cities of La Serena and Coquimbo, with different touristic attractions, shops, beaches and night life.

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